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Corning Life Sciences B.V.

Corning is a global manufacturer of tools and equipment for cell culture, genomics, drug discovery, and microbiology. Corning provides high quality, innovative products for life science applications enabling people around the world to make and deliver life changing discoveries.

Leading Corning®, Falcon®, Axygen®, Pyrex® and Gosselin™ brands include: vessels and differentiated surfaces for cell culture and scale-up, media, liquid handling products, ADME/Tox products and services, microbiology consumables, and purification kits.

Corning continues to lead the way in developing innovative solutions for cell culture, such as the HYPERFlask® Cell Culture Vessel for increased cell yields, and novel surfaces such as Corning® Synthemax® Surface for culturing stem cells and the Corning® CellBIND® Surface for enhanced assay performance. Portfolio also includes ExtraCellular matrices and biological surfaces such as Corning Matrigel®, Corning BioCoat™ and Corning PureCoat™.

Future focus will be on 3D cell culture: "For more than 25 years, Corning has delivered innovations that have advanced the science of 3D cell culture. We pioneered the development of novel tools providing easier access to in vivo-like 3D models, such as Corning Matrigel® matrix and Transwell® permeable supports. And we continue to support you with a diverse and evolving portfolio of innovative 3D cell culture products, like the Corning spheroid microplate, as well as workflow solutions, protocols, and expertise. "

Gosselin™ range is a pioneering brand of disposable labware for quality control and microbiology labs in industrial markets in Europe since 1965, Gosselin offers a full range of products from sampling to disposal and offers peelable box labels printed with lot and sterility information for easy record keeping.

Known the world over for the popular “Falcon Tubes", the Falcon® brand has set the standard for high quality disposable plasticware for more than 50 years. Falcon branded tubes, pipets and cell culture products are designed to advance research and are used in laboratories worldwide. Manufactured from advanced bioanalytical-grade resins and extensively tested, Falcon plasticware ensures high quality, consistent, reliable results.

Axygen® products and solutions for genomics applications are offered through a wide portfolio of tools including: automation tips, PCR consumables, pipet tips, storage plates, sealing options, AxyPrep nucleic acid isolation kits and devices, and benchtop equipment.

In general, Corning offers a wide portfolio of high quality Life Science consumables, reagents and equipment: Bioprocess products, Cell culture items, Cryo products, Microbiology portfolio, Microplates, PCR consumables, Pipetting tools, Tubes, Cell culture growth factors, cytokines, additives, Cell culture media, buffers, serum, Cell culture surface coatings, extracellular matrices, Benchtop equipment.

"At Corning, how we do things is just as important as what we do."

"At Corning Incorporated, we have always known that what we do today will determine how our world looks tomorrow and beyond. In our long-term vision, people are healthier. They’re better informed. They’re more richly connected with one another. That long view has played out time and time again over our history. Our 1970 breakthrough discoveries in optical fiber helped unleash a communications revolution that continues to change the world today. Our 1971 invention of emissions-control substrates started a new era that continues to make air cleaner and healthier. Our 2020 deployment of resources to support the fight against COVID-19 helped create healthier environments for those on the front lines. As our people keep making a positive difference in the world, our culture also ensures that we are a company built to last. We know that innovation, done our way, is sustainable only with a deeply engrained moral compass and the trust of our stakeholders."


Nova Natura UAB

Kaštonų g. 56, Giraitės k, LT-54310,
Kaunas, Lithuania
Phone: +370 (620) 70159

Reg No 305063819

Nova Natura OÜ

Valukoja 8, 11415,
Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 5656 0050

Reg No 14758203

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