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Liquid Scintillation Systems

Analyzing drug pathways, protecting lab environments, and assessing environmental contamination require instruments with the highest possible sensitivity and specificity. Radiometric detection has long been and still remains to be today, the gold standard for these applications. PerkinElmer's versatile radiometric detection systems are designed for precise measurement of gamma counting, beta counting, and other methods. Feel free to ask more information from our product managers.

Radiometric Detectors - Research

MicroBeta² and MicroBeta² LumiJET microplate counters with 1, 2, 6, and 12 detector options, Quantulus GCT liquid scintillation counters, Tri-Carb liquid scintillation counters, Sample Oxidizer.

Radiometric Detectors - Clinical

Wizard² Gamma Counters are available with 1, 2, 5 and 10 detector options. These systems have 2 variations regarding sample capacity: you can choose system for 550 or 1000 samples.

Radiometric Reagents and Accessories

PerkinElmer's portfolio contains whole range of products for radiometric detection, including radiochemicals, scintillation cocktails, vials, radionuclides, protein labeling mixes and radiolabeled nucleotides.

Quantulus & TriCarb – LSC spectrometer

The Tri-Carb liquid scintillation counter provides the popular standard features needed for research applications and the versatility to expand for environmental analysis with the optional ultralow-level and alpha/beta discrimination features.
The Quantulus is a liquid scintillation counter for ultra low-level sensitivity, in a lighter benchtop footprint to fit any lab. It has extremely high sensitivity and unmatched detection of low level Alpha and Beta radioactivity.
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MicroBeta² – LSC analyzer

The MicroBeta² System provides advanced radiometric and luminescent detection abilities for GPCRs, kinases, reporter gene assays, and traditional liquid scintillation counting. Providing coincidence counting, a unique patented configuration with two photomultiplier tubes that simultaneously detect signal, the MicroBeta² System ensures high efficiency and extremely low background for a variety of radionuclides.

The MicroBeta² System features time-resolved liquid scintillation counting (TR-LSC), delivering improved counting performance for opaque plates where traditional coincidence counting isn't possible.
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Wizard² - Automatic Gamma counter

The next generation WIZARD® Automatic Gamma Counter, Wizard², is designed for superior counting performance with all types of samples and for every gamma counting application. RIA studies, chromium release studies and nuclear medicine applications, such as PET research, are just some examples of possible gamma applications for Wizard² instruments. Ask more information from our product managers or visit PerkinElmer's site for overview of available systems.

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