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Moisture Analyzers

Foods, chemical/pharmaceutical products, building materials or animal feed – the moisture content has a decisive impact on price, processability and quality, ranging from raw materials to final products. Determining this moisture content is one of the most common analysis in product development, the manufacturing process and quality control. As a leading provider of moisture analysis equipment, Sartorius is thoroughly familiar with the needs of its customers and thus offers a wide range of equipment fitting perfectly to various applications.

Sartorius MA Infrared Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzer MA family for moisture analysis in daily routine laboratory applications in research and development as well as quality and process control. Sartorius offers a broad range of instruments, from the user friendly basic model to the high end moisture analyzer with the highest possible measuring accuracy a thermogravimetric moisture analyzer can currently offer. With the accuracy of an analytical balance, this moisture balance delivers exact results for moisture contents even below 1% within minutes. Ask more information from our product manager or explore further about different Sartorius' models.
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Mark 3 Moisture Analyzers for Every Industry

The principle of operation of the Mark 3 Moisture Analyzers is loss on drying. The instrument finalizes on a programmed rate of weight change compared to the actual initial weight of the sample over a programmed window of time. They feature a built-in temperature and weight calibration function to ensure advanced moisture analysis.

The modular Mark 3 with its add-ons of up to four heating units provides an unequaled flexibility and enables even parallel measurements of different samples.
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Microwave Moisture Analyzer LMA200

If the sample contains a high moisture content, microwave drying is the fastest and most effective procedure (loss-on-drying) for heating samples. A sample is heated by absorption of microwave radiation. A built-in analytical weighing system measures the weight loss of a sample and determines the end point at which the sample has reached a constant weight. In addition, an air moisture sensor monitors the progress of a moisture analysis run, thus providing double the certainty to assure reliable results.
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Moisture Analysis in Food

In hardly any industry the moisture content plays such an important role as in the food sector as it directly influences the quality, taste, texture and shelf life of the products. Therefore the moisture content is measured from the raw material, through various processing steps to the end product to ensure stable processes and a consistent quality.

Oven drying is the most widespread method for measuring the moisture content and has been described in many in-house standard operating procedures (SOPs) and various statutory guidelines and regulations, but it is very time consuming. Moisture analyzers are a much faster and easy to use alternative. Therefore the use of moisture analyzers is advisable to accelerate measurement times and to determine moisture content as a key criterion in supporting a process workflow.
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