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Corning year-end campaign: all your favorite products are available at discount prices until 31.12.2022!

Corning surprises again with great year-end prices!

Find suitable laboratory equipment in the Novabio e-store within the campaign valid until 31.12.2022.

Order fast and conveniently from our e-store or contact our product managers directly.

You can see the campaign brochure here.

Promotional Corning products available at discounted prices:

Axygen® Mini Plate Spinner Centrifuge, 230V - 689.52 € / 514.00 €
The Axygen Axyspin Plate Spinner is the first centrifuge designed specifically for quick and easy centrifugation of samples in PCR plates or microplates.

Corning® LSE™ Benchtop Shaking Incubator with Platform, 230V (EU Plug) - 3 465,00 € / 2 979,00 €
Truly a benchtop style, the lid on the Corning benchtop shaking incubator has a low pivot point which provides a space-saving size sure to fit on the lab bench and under shelves. Each unit includes a software package, which provides the option of saving data to an external computer or monitoring rpm and temperature throughout runs. The maximum capacity is 4 x 1L flasks.

Corning® Cell Counter - 4 116,00 € / 3 118,00 €

The new Corning Cell Counter is the first automated cell counter that combines the best of both worlds. It is:

Fast – thanks to its online image processing
Accurate – thanks to its cloud-based machine learning algorithm.
Low-cost – works with common reusable glass hemocytometer. No consumables required.
Operating System: Windows 10 tablet or computer with a USB 3.0 port.

Corning® LSE™ Compact Centrifuge, 230V, EU Plug - 1 912,00 € / 1 529,00 €
The Corning® LSE™ Compact Centrifuge is a space saving centrifuge ideal for use in Life Science and Industrial Research labs. Three angle rotors are available for use with the Corning LSE Compact Centrifuge, which can accommodate tube sizes of 15 mL, 50 mL, and 1.5/2.0 mL microcentrifuge tubes.

Corning® Stripettor™ Ultra Pipet Controller - 329,48 € / 171,00 €
This light, ergonomic, motorized pipet controller is designed for use with glass and plastic serological pipets from 0.5 to 100 mL. Conveniently positioned switches change operating modes and speeds quickly to handle different liquid volumes and various viscosities.

Platform Rocker, Single Platform, 230V
- 848,69 € / 566,00 €
Platform Rocker, Double Platform, 230V - 930,51 € / 618,00 €

The Corning® LSE™ Platform Rocker is a compact yet high capacity rocker that is ideal for western blotting and general mixing applications. The adjustable rocking speed and fixed 7 degree tilt makes it optimal for staining fragile gels, as well as the more intensive action necessary for washing blots.

Corning® LSE™ High Speed Microcentrifuge, 230V, EU Plug - 1 477,51 € / 1 181,00 €
The Corning LSE High Speed Microcentrifuge features an easy-to-use, digital control interface and high-speed performance for quick nucleic acid and protein separations. Two control knobs are used to precisely set rotor speed and run time, and parameters are shown on the easy-to-read LED displays.

Corning® LSE™ Mini Microcentrifuge - 226,00 € / 176,00 €
The Corning LSE Mini Microcentrifuge is a personal bench top instrument that operates at a fixed speed of 6,000 rpm (2,000 x g) and was designed for quick spin downs of micro-samples. Operation is made simpler and more convenient with the design of a quick-release rotor system and electronic brake.

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