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HCS and in vivo imaging news

Expanding the range of cellular imaging reagents

There are some exciting additions in the PhenoVue™ portfolio:
PhenoVue multi organelle staining kit: Five bright fluorescent probes to visualize mitochondria, lipid droplets, actin, lysosomes, and nuclei, making this ready-to-use kit ideal for study of metabolic disorders, infectious diseases, and liver toxicity.
PhenoVue Fluor 555 live cell tubulin stain: A new color is now available to visualize microtubules in live cells with our sensitive and photostable live cell tubulin stain.
August 2023: in vivo and high content imaging newsletter
Learn more

In Vivo Imaging
Review: get more insights from your In Vivo liver disease studies
See how researchers used ultrasound using the Vega® automated, hands-free system to characterize and monitor fibrosis, steatosis, inflammation, microvascularity, and tumor burden to better understand liver disease progression in murine models. Download

White paper: making In Vivo fluorescence imaging more sensitive, specific, and reliable with spectral unmixing
Fluorescence imaging is often perceived as difficult and cumbersome due to background fluorescence and challenges presented when imaging multiple fluorophores within the same animal.

See the unique capabilities of compute pure spectrum (CPS) algorithm in Living Image software to reduce autofluorescence and easily separates multiplexed readouts.
Learn More

Blog: Illuminating cancer research — what tumor burden alone can't tell you
Tracking overt changes in tumor volume can miss the early differences in oncological biomarker expression and protease activity — key to understanding the molecular mechanisms of cancer biology.

Discover how In Vivo fluorescence imaging provides a unique opportunity to detect early biological changes associated with disease development and therapeutic efficacy. View blog

High Content Imaging

Publication review: gene editing and HCI reveals novel insights into Tuberculosis infection
Discover how researchers at The Francis Crick Institute used a combination of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing and high-content imaging approaches to explore the role of autophagy in controlling TB infection. Download

Publication review: overcoming solid tumor treatment hurdles with mRNA-based CAR T-cells
Traditional treatment strategies for glioblastoma are rarely curative, emphasizing the urgent need to discover more effective therapies.

Learn how researchers have evaluated the efficiency of mRNA-based multifunctional CAR T-cells against glioblastoma in vitro and in vivo. Download

Infographic: Cell painting, from images to innovation
Cell painting is a powerful imaging-based phenotypic profiling method which finds uses in functional genomics, drug discovery, efficacy, toxicity assessment, and in screening for insights into mechanism-of-action.

Download Revvity's infographic to learn more about cell painting and what you need to get started. Learn more

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