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Nova is represented at six important events and conferences taking place in the Baltics!

We are pleased and excited to announce that the conference season is about to begin.

Our hardworking Nova team is represented at six important events happening in the Baltic countries.

Are you also participating? Looking forward to meeting you!


Baltic Polymer Symposium 2022

Baltic Polymer Symposium is a traditional conference, started in the year 2001, circulating in Baltic states. The conference is a meeting point for polymer scientists, especially young scientists, Ms and Ph.D. students from the Baltics. Still, the conference has broad international recognition nowadays, having participants from more than 15 countries. Read more about the conference here.

Time: 21.09 - 23.09

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Nova representatives: Miina, Signe

XVI Baltic Congress in Laboratory Medicine

The congress brings together laboratory professionals, students and health care personnel with an interest in laboratory medicine from our three Baltic states as well as from other countries. Expect to receive the latest scientific achievements and experience in the wide field of laboratory medicine. Find more information about the congress here.

Time: 22.09 - 24.09

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Nova representatives: Piia, Miina, Rytis

Drug Discovery Conference 2022

We are pleased to invite you to the next forum-type conference for scientists and students from universities, research institutes, and the pharmaceutical industry worldwide to build new collaborations. Drug Discovery Conference 2022 speakers will cover modern trends in drug discovery related to organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, structural biology, and drug delivery. The lectures will include achievements in developing anti-infective, anticancer, CNS, and cardiovascular drugs. Read more about the conference here.

Time: 22.09 - 24.09

Location: Riga, Latvia

Nova representatives: Margot, Sten

Combivet and Baltic Society of Extracellular Vesicles Joint Conference 2022

​The ERA chair of comparative medicine (Combivet), Estonian University of Life Sciences and the Baltic Society of Extracellular Vesicles will hold their annual joint scientific symposium on the 30th of September and the 1st of October in Tartu, Estonia. The symposium, titled "Extracellular vesicles: Nanoscale containers full of messages", will be an in-depth scientific discussion of all things EV. More information can be found here.

Time: 30.09 - 01.10

Location: Tartu, Estonia

Nova representatives: Piia, Margot, Sten, Rytis, Miina

The 24th annual conference of the Estonian Society of Human Genetics

The Estonian Human Genetics Association is once again organizing the annual conference, which has already become a tradition, and this year also offers presentations by carefully selected speakers. You can find more information about the annual conference here.

Time: 29.09 - 30.09

Location: Pärnu, Estonia

Nova representatives:

29.09: Piia, Margot, Miina, Sten
30.09: Miina, Agnes, Signe

3rd Baltic Biophysics Conference

BBC-2022 targets to increase awareness and share the progress on the application of Biophysical methods in life sciences. The main scopes are on Biophotonics, Photosynthesis, Biomedical physics & engineering, Neurobiophysics, Nanomedicine & Theranostics, Advanced microscopy & Bio-imaging, Novel Nanomaterials in the life sciences, and Electric fields effects on the biological systems. Read more here.

Time: 06.10 - 07.10

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Nova representatives: Augustina, Rytis

PerkinElmer NGS Tour

Nova representatives, together with PerkinElmer's NGS technical specialist, will introduce PerkinElmer's NGS products to Estonian and Lithuanian sequencing laboratories. PerkinElmer offers solutions for the entire NGS workflow, from nucleic acid isolation to analysis. More information from our product managers.

03.10 - 05.10 Lithuania
06.10 - 07.10 Estonia

Location: Estonia and Lithuania

The contacts of all Nova representatives can be found here.

See you at upcoming events!
The Nova team

Additional information and questions:

+372 5656 0050



Nova Natura UAB

Chemijos G. 11, LT-51347,
Kaunas, Lithuania
Phone: +370 (620) 70159

Reg No 305063819

Nova Natura OÜ

Kanali tee 6, 10112,
Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 5656 0050

Reg No 14758203

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